Meet the Australian Silky Terrier

I have been fascinated by animals, especially dogs, for as long as I can remember. Our “little brothers” have always been very important for my family. I was brought up in the spirit of love and respect for all animals, and I have a special affection for dogs.
In 2001 we discovered Silky Terriers and we immediately fell in love with them. This has never changed.
It was Mania (MORA z Nagonki), our first female Silky Terrier, that made us fall in love with this breed and together with my mother Dorota, we started learning about dog shows, cynology and dog breeding.
Our kennel “Chluba Oli” FCI was established in 2002. We belong to the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), the only Polish cynological association which is a part of the International Kennel Federation FCI.

Our Australian Silky Terriers

Australian Silky Terriers are for us the embodiment of everything we love most in a dog. They are a combination of beauty and elegance with liveliness and temperament.
All our dogs are family members and live with us at home (or in the homes of their co-owners). They are shown at dog shows, both in Poland and abroad. Each of our dog has breeding rights and some of them have numerous show titles, although not all of them will live to see their offspring. In our spare time we train Agility. Thanks to this our dogs are provided with the right amount of exercise and stimulation.

Breeding conditions of „Chluba Oli”

The most important thing for us is the health and happiness of the dogs:

– all dogs live with us at home and are treated as family members,

– all dogs are provided with appropriate amount of physical exercise and intellectual stimulation through walks, obedience and Agility training and various daily games,

– females are not strained, and those who do not tolerate pregnancy well are taken off the breeding plan,

– dogs are not kept in cages (but everyone is taught to use a kennel cage, which helps during travel and is necessary during exhibitions and feeding),

– the number of dogs in the kennel is carefully planned to make sure that animals are not exposed to stress or competition

– not every dog is included in the breeding program

Contact us

Is Australian Silky Terrier your dream? Do you want to know more about the breed, the planned litters or other information?
Write to us! We will try to answer all your questions.

Interesting facts about “Chluba Oli”

Our dogs perform not only at dog shows, but also in the media.
2017 r. – appearance in TVP2 in the program “Pytanie na śniadanie”.

We were featured in dogs’ magazines twice: “Mój Pies” and “Przyjaciel Pies” (2014).

In addition, in 2007 there were eight episodes about our kennel and the Australian Silky Terrier breed broadcast on local TV 7.