About the breed

The breed Australian Silky Terrier was originated in the 19th century in Australia, specifically in Tasmania. “Silky” refers to the characteristic delicate and shiny coat of these dogs.

The ancestors of the Australian Silky Terrier were dogs of elite. They were working dogs. In the past, Australian Silky Terriers were bred to kill vermin – mice, rats and other rodents, as well as vipers and snakes. These small dogs were also excellent guardians. Because of their alertness and feistiness, they immediately informed when any strange appeared. With time, however, the Australian Silky Terrier lost its utility. Due to its appearance, it became a companion dog and moved from the countryside to the cities. Nevertheless, this little dog has not lost its terrier characteristics.

Although the Australian Silky Terrier was probably developed from many dog breeds, in shortcut we can say that it was created by crossing the Australian Terrier with the Yorkshire Terrier.

Surely it was not a deliberate action of breeders but rather a by-product. Breeders of Australian Terriers in order to improve the intensity of the colour of their dogs introduced into their lines of English Yorkshire Terriers.


As a result of such breeding, three significantly different types of dogs have evolved over time:

1) the Australian Terrier type – the largest dogs, with strong, thick bones, with short rough hair;

2) the Yorkshire Terrier type – the smallest dogs, with a very delicate build and light bones, shorter, with long, silky hair of intense colour;

3) intermediate type – dogs of medium size, with average bones, with a stronger build than the Yorkshire Terrier, but definitely lighter than the Australian Terrier, with long and silky hair, but not as dense as the Yorkshire.

In Poland the breed is still very rare and underestimated. Australian Silky Terrier remains in the shadow of its ancestor – the Yorkshire Terrier, which made an amazing career in our country. The first Silky Terriers came to Poland in the late 1990’. The first litter registered in Poland was born in the kennel “Z Nagonki” of Mr. and Mrs. in 1997.

Breed Standard

Australian Silky Terrier breed standard can be found here: http://www.fci.be/nomenclature/Standards/236g03-en.pdf


The Australian Silky Terrier is a very loyal and devoted dog. The Australian Silky Terrier will not take care of himself. He plays when you play with him, rests when you sit on the couch, sleeps when you sleep. He needs time and attention.

Do not let the beautiful and elegant appearance of the Australian Silky Terrier fool you. This little dog is a typical terrier. He is energetic, temperamental, feisty and strong-willed. The Australian Silky Terrier is a dog full of energy and needs a lot of exercise. He may have a tendency to take his own initiative. He likes to play and work.

Australian Silky Terrier has huge tendency to bark. He can be stubborn. Just like other terriers, he can also be a bit feisty and aggressive. Australian Silky Terrier do not shed. What’s interesting, he doesn’t emit typical for other dogs smell.

Although it is hard to imagine, there is a strong hunter instinct in this little dog. It can command our long-haired beauty to follow small animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, etc. This little terrier is characterized by high intelligence.

“The Silky combines the elegance of a Yorkshire terrier with the liveliness and vigor of an Australian Terrier. Perfect for city apartments. It does not moult and does not give off any odor. It is long-lived. He likes to grab objects with his legs while playing. Then it resembles a playing kitten. He is perky, lively and teachable. (…) Usually cheerful and friendly, but they can get furious. They try to notify us with a thin voice about the approach of an unexpected guest. This little dog has a big heart for his relatives. “