The birth and rearing of puppies are always a special time for us. Each litter is provided with the best possible conditions so that the puppies can grow and develop healthily:

– the mother, from the beginning of pregnancy, is under the control of a veterinarian,

– after the birth, both mother and puppies are examined by a veterinarian,

– for a period of 3 weeks, mother and puppies stay in a room without other dogs, to ensure peace and quiet and allow them to relax and rest,

– for a period of 3 weeks the mother and puppies are continuously under the care of the breeder,

– puppies from birth are subjected to a process of socialization, starting with early neurological stimulation,

– at the end of 3 weeks the puppies are moved with their mother to a room where daily life takes place,

– puppies are provided with constant contact with people, other dogs, cats,

– puppies are accustomed to different sounds,

– puppies are always vaccinated and dewormed according to the recommendations of a veterinarian,

– each puppy is microchipped and has a ZkwP (FCI) certificate,

– puppies stay in a kennel with their mother at least until they are 10 weeks old,

– each future owner gets a set of necessary information about care, feeding, health, etc.,

– we always carefully select future owners and invite to visit our kennel before receiving a puppy,

– every owner can count on our help at every stage of the dog’s life.


Planned litters

We are planning 2 litters for 2021.

The mothers will be: Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch (Piko) and Carmen Chluba Oli.

If you are interested, please contact us and sign on the waiting list.

Previous litters

Feel welcome to see our previous litters.

Our puppies


All of our puppies are given birth certificates from ZKwP (Polish Kennel Club, associated with FCI). Puppies which are sold abroad have export pedigree from ZKwP (Polish Kennel Club, associated with FCI) and dog passport.

We do not sell dogs under 10 weeks old! Puppy can travel abroad after 15 weeks old. If you are interested in buying a dog for breeding, please contact us for individual conditions and possibilities.

If you are interested in “Chluba Oli” puppy do not hesitate to contact us!